United behind a common mission

At the heart of VYLA is a love we all share for dairy. Our goal is simple: to collect information and perspectives free from any bias and share with all of us involved in producing, processing, selling and consuming dairy products.

With this knowledge, we believe our industry will begin it’s next great chapter — one built on trust, traceability and progress.

We believe doing dairy means doing good for the world

That’s why three of the world’s leading and forward-thinking dairy companies — Nestle, Land O’Lakes and Lely Group — have partnered to raise the standard for the industry. Together, they bring their individual strengths to the creation of a new and entirely different technology company led by collaborative and innovative thinkers.

Want to join us in elevating the dairy industry?


Our founding sponsors came together behind a vision to elevate the industry

Vyla will provide all participants in the food supply chain with a set of applications that address the increased complexity of industry KPIs and build trust across the industry landscape through shared insights. Our sponsors — Nestlé, Land O’Lakes and Lely want to collaborate in the following areas through collaboration:

Operational effencies

Operate using a shared platform that will help you identify process inefficiences, leverage data insights for better forecasting and scale with your businesses for continious growth.

Brand Story

Through increased visibility, empower consumers, retailers, processors, suppliers and producers with confidence and trust in the companies that we purchase and consume our food from.


Capture and share insights and data from every farm’s sustainability efforts and share factful information around progress toward demanding sustainability goals.

Robert Erhardt from Nestlé and industry leading stakeholders, circa 2017 planning the first steps for what would be Vyla.


Vyla Team



Yoav Levsky

Chairman of the Board

Mark Doornink

Executive Vice President

William Elliot


Jackie Valenzuela

Program Manager

Maite Muse

Product Owner

Tom Price

Design/Marketing Director