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VYLA seeks to transform dairy through collaboration and a call for community. By safely democratizing data industry-wide and building a community between all stakeholders, VYLA creates a space where everyone has the ability to rise together. As VYLA’s first app for both Apple and Android, Ascend arms dairy farmers with a commanding view of all their operations from the palm of their hand. With a frictionless and customizable user interface, Ascend lets farmers issue KPIs, track progress, and share information with other stakeholders. With more applications forthcoming for Processors, Retailers, and Consumers, VYLA aims to tackle every facet of dairy for the best-optimized operations. Backed by industry giants like Nestle, Land O’Lakes, Lely, and Turntide, VYLA’s already on track to be dairy’s essential secret weapon.

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Vyla - Every Farm Has A Story

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As Vyla envisioned a solution to connect the supply chain better and increase collaboration in the sector, they partnered with Octobot for the development process due to the software company’s experience developing custom solutions for dairy businesses.

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Mining Milk, Digitizing Dairy, Monetizing Manure?

The 2021 Precision Dairy conference hosted by the University of Minnesota focused on innovation on the farm and in the words of one attendee ‘this conference challenged me, introduced me to new concepts.’ More importantly, it highlighted how Dairy producers increasingly recognize that future revenue may go beyond the traditional focus of just looking at the price of milk.

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Is Dairy Data the New ‘Oil’?

Vyla is a new platform backed by Nestle, Land O’Lakes and Lely and supported by other industry players. Offering something like a "Facebook for farmers" makes it easy to integrate information from any system in a single open app, including feed management, parlor software and combine milk prices and weather.

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3 ways technology is driving productivity in dairy industry

“The silos of information generated between each step of the production process represents another challenge for the dairy industry,” he says. “That’s a problem that another partner of ours, Vyla, wants to solve. Together, we have created a dairy app that accesses farm data and facilitates collaboration in the industry.

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Dairy data start-up Vyla looks to ‘upgrade industry

The launch of a new start-up company, Vyla, has been announced. The company’s data platform aims to be the thread that connects the farm, supply chain, and consumer in a new way.

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How to design the future dairy world?

Vyla is part data platform and part catalyst for a transformative dairy movement. Vyla is the thread that connects the farm, the supply chain and the consumer in the interest of elevating the industry...

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The future of the Dairy World is digital

The dairy sector is faced with a number of challenges, such as low-profit margins for farmers and processors, and eroding image of dairy, and a lack of trust in society, while the value chain overall is very complex. What it takes to develop the industry further became clear during the conference: Better connectivity and digitalization

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New ‘dairy dashboard’ app to go public soon

Tech startup Vyla’s new Ascend app will take center stage in early September. The free app, which has been on Apple’s app store since this summer, is going public with a launch event Sept. 9.

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Vyla Logo