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About Our Event

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The dairy industry is facing unprecedented challenges from consumer and environmental concerns to rapidly changing technology and demands for supply chain transparency. Whether you are a farmer, processor, retailer or even a consumer you need an ally — a source of truth and information that can unite us all. Introducing Vyla, a modern technology platform designed to be the thread that all stakeholders in the dairy supply chain the interest of elevating the industry.
Also for every registration we will enter you in for a chance to win an iPhone 12 with the latest VYLA app installed

Participating Speakers

Event Summary

By attending our introductory webinar, you will meet and hear from the leaders, designers and the farmers pioneering a path to a more collaborative and transparent dairy industry. Key highlights will include:

  • September 9th, 2021
  • How Vyla  is creating opportunities for collaboration while protecting your data privacy
  • See first hand how our first mobile application — Ascend — is making a difference on the farm
  • What's next on the Vyla roadmap
  • How the Elevate community and live events bring the industry together

Event Speakers

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Dairy has a new story to tell and Vyla gives it a new way to tell it